Monday, March 2, 2009

@drteeth and @jackcrates aka michael phelphs hahahahhha

CathrynMarie Smokin That Hookah

Smokin dat fruit and vodka

Grouchy Greg!

@grouchygreg smokin tha hookah pipe lol

Rollin w/ The Homiessss

Last night in town (we think, lol) @grouchygreg @steveraze and @jakecrates are meeting up w/ @cristalbubblin & I @ the hookah bar..gyeaaaa

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Great Weekend

The weekend has been the best, I warned ya'll that it would! Shouts out to the ppl who contributed to the weekend, THUS far: @cristalbubblin, @aprilpope2003, @grouchygreg, @steveraze, @riceowlett, @criscokidd, @krystalnichole, @djplayboy1, @djnoble, @kiotti, @drteeth, Tray "Pooh" frm The Wire, CiCi, Jacob, DJ Statik, Rich, etc etc! Fun phone time w/ @ainzneal - I love dude, for real! I did lose my battery for my camera but luckily I uploaded my pic w/ Riff Raff before I did lol. Yooo, @steveraze & @grouchygreg saw him too lmaoooo! Dude is funnyyyyy! Okay, nap time! I'm up @ 7.45 when I just got home @ 4; booooo!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bitch I'm Drunk

@ walmart w/ @cristalbubblin and @aprilpope2003..bitch I'm tired...

HBCU Film Festival In Houston's @grouchygreg & @steveraze in Houston @ TSU speaking on "Using New Media To Your Advantage" at the 5th annual HBCU Film Festival, put together by video director Dr. Teeth. Teeth was just presented a proclamation from the Council man naming Feb 28, 2009 the 5th annual HBCU day..niceeeee